Monday, October 18, 2010

Why List-based improvement in ns-2.27 cause problems?

Since in ns-2.27, a "list-based improvement" is used to control the number of nodes receiving packet copies. prevX_ and nextX_ are added in MobileNode class to form a list. Before a packet is sendup, this list is sorted in ascending order. Then with the getAffectedNodes(), some nodes are picked based on (x,y) coordinates to receive the copy of the packet. This design is in WirelessChannel:sendUp() call.
This design has a serious bug: no consideration of the case that multiple interfaces might be colocated in the same node. In this case, The node's prevX_ and nextX_ will be updated multiple times if you want to create multiple PHY interfaces to utilize multiple channels. As a result, the prevX_ of each !Mobilenode will be set to point to itself!!!!
There are no quick fix for this. I have to rollback code to ns-2.26 to avoid segmentation fault.
Therefore, to have multiple radio interfaces in a node, this has to be disabled.

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