Friday, November 12, 2010

Simulation example: Measuring the effects of RTS/CTS on 802.11 link

How to turn off RTS/CTS?

put this line in the TCL script.
#disable RTS for 802.11 MAC
Mac/802_11 set RTSThreshold_   3000

Simulation Topology:

Link Connectivity Graph:

Two flows are given: 1--> 3 , and 5---> 7

Simulation Parameters:
IFQ Length50
Routing ProtocolDSDV
Packet size1000Bytes
Packet rate25-200 per second
Transmission Range250m
Test duration150 sec.

Simulation Results:

Observations & Conclusions:
  • Observed route establish time, depends on the number of hops in DSDV is 30-50 seconds. why?
  • RTS/CTS does not improve throughout in multi-hop wireless network
  • Actully, we cannot draw general conlcusion from this specific case of flow and routing protocols.

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